Fitted on Ducato, Jumper and Boxer with short wheel base and low roof. For private transport and dedicated conventions: a vehicle of moderate size and cost.

A simple and reliable vehicle. Suitable for those who have little time between one transport and the next.

The furnishing solutions allow quick cleaning and restoration, thanks to simple housings and linear design.

  • Power System: configurable and approved acoustic and light signaling systems (Directive 95/54/EC)
  • Volumetrics compliant with EN 1789 standard
  • Internal coatings in class M1 food grade/self-extinguishing polyester resin
  • Up to three stations in the sanitary compartment
  • Internal showcases in anodized aluminum profile and class E3 approved tempered glass
  • Plywood flooring, fireproof, rot-proof, covered in antistatic, non-slip, fireproof PVC
  • Stretchers and transport equipment in compliance with the EN 1865 standard
  • Sanitary compartment air conditioner 6 Kw
  • Tested anchoring systems (European standard En 1789)
  • Tested Oxygen System (European Standard En 739)
  • Interior colors sky blue or clinical green