Tekno Advance

For those looking for a more complete, more fully-equipped and high performance product, in synergy with the evolution of technology and professional expertise of operators. 

Tipo B
Tipo C

Tekno Advance reflects the evolution of our ambulances, incorporating highly reliable components and structures to offer extensive customisation possibilities of internal and external fittings, adapting the vehicle to specific uses and delivering improved comfort and ease of use for operators.

  • Capacity: from 6 to 8 persons (including driver) according to number of persons in the driver’s cab
  • Practicality and trouble-free maintenance
  • Latest-generation LED technology internal and external lighting
  • Air conditioner integrated in the roof liner for uniform distribution of air
  • Front and rear spoilers able to reduce the maximum height of the vehicle
  • Electric and electronic systems for control of on-board utilities
  • Basic equipment for patient restraint and transport
  • Interior colours available: white, light blue and clinic green