Fitted on the Ducato, Jumper and Boxer short and low roof. For private transport and dedicated conventions: half the size and cost.

Tipo A1

A simple and reliable vehicle. Suitable for those who have little time between a transport and the next .

The furnishing solutions allow cleaning and rapid recovery , with simple housings and linearity of the design.

  • Power System : audible warning systems and bright configurable and approved (Directive 95/54 / EC )
  • Volume in accordance with EN 1789
  • polyester resin linings food / self-extinguishing class M1
  • Up to three locations in the patient care area
  • Internal windows in anodized aluminum and tempered glass approved class E3
  • Plywood floor plywood , fire retardant , imputrescente , covered with PVC anti-static , anti-slip , flame-retardant
  • Stretchers and transport equipment in accordance with EN 1865
  • Conditioner sanitary compartment 6 Kw
  • Anchorage systems tested (European standard En 1789)
  • Oxygen plant tested (European Norm En 739)
  • Interior colors blue sky or clinical green