The basic vehicles in compatible engines used are
Ducato short wheelbase low roof , long wheelbase Doblò , Ducato long wheelbase high roof , Duchy medium high roof pitch


Fitted on the Ducato, Jumper and Boxer short and low roof. For private transport and dedicated conventions: half the size and cost.

Set of Doblò stride. The optimal vehicle for the most inaccessible routes : a vehicle that leads to roads not viable with an ambulance .

The configuration of the electrical system comprises 4 different main lines that power macro-groups of electrical devices:

Priority emergency systems (headlights, sirens and perimeter illumination systems)


Patient compartment electrical device control system (ceiling lights, surgical lights, perimeter illumination)


System for powering and management of the power network (220 Vac, additional battery and inverter)


Communication systems (radio, intercom, etc.)